Laura Love



September, 3rd, 2021 marks the official release date of Laura’s latest CD, “Uppity”, which she calls her response to the ugly rise in white supremacy in the United States.   “The January 6th insurrection by mostly angry white men in our nation’s capital, pushed me over the edge”,  Laura has told friends and fans alike.  “I decided, at 61,  I had one more album left in me before I’m done.”    In 2017, after taking nearly a decade off the festival/touring circuit, to live off grid, grow her own food, and raise her daughter, Laura returned to the stage to continue where she left off.  She felt “compelled to get back on the road, reach out to other human beings, spread kindness and try to heal,” from what she described as a “savage couple of years”  which left her battling to recover from a brutal assault, followed by the sudden suicides of both her beloved sister, Lisa and her mother, Winifred.  To that end, she grabbed her fabulous guitarist, Terry Hunt and exploded back onto the festival scene in 2017-2018,  taking the Kate Wolf, Strawberry, Valhalla, FalconRidge and Philadelphia Folk Music Festivals by storm.  With these powerful performances she showcased a whole new batch of songs that left audiences leaping to their feet, mid-set and some concert-goers telling her, “she was even better than she’d been years ago.”   She has expanded her story-rich, socially conscious repertoire to include Field Hollers, Civil Rights Era Songs and Gospel music into her deep catalogue of original songs.  Laura and Terry have just released a brand new CD of original songs called, “She Loved Red”,  dedicated to the memory of her precious sister.   

Laura has also recently published a follow up book, (available on to her critically acclaimed 2004 Hyperion memoir,  “You Ain’t Got No Easter Clothes”.   This latest memoir about her year of traveling with the Occupy Movement is called  “Nights in Tents” and we hope you’ll pick it up today because, as she says, “It’s a GAS!”.  

Take a look at some press Laura has garnered during her career:  

“(LAURA LOVE) will shake the world. The clincher is her live show...She’s that rare artist who can slip from sensitive folk to hip-hop without skipping a beat.” -Utne Reader 

MEDIA, fans and record labels have struggled to define this inimitable musician’s colorful style, which embraces bits of the blues, bluegrass, jazz, folk, gospel, reggae, and country. However, Laura Love has sometimes called her music “Folk-Funk,” “Afro-Celtic,” or “Hip-Alachian.” Regardless of how she is described, Laura has an indisputable and uncanny knack for enthralling audiences from all walks of life, from octogenarians who line up to hear straight-ahead bluegrass to the pierced-and-tattooed set to their middle-aged parents. 

THE NEW YORK TIMES proclaimed, “Her music is exuberant. ...She conveyed the fervor of someone reaching out with an almost frenzied joy to seize the strand of a confusing life and weave them into a coherent, life-affirming vision.” Love has been called, “startlingly original” by Billboard magazine. “Her music is spare, yet striking. Her voice is ripe, supple, strong, and impossible to ignore.” A rare recording artist who is authentic and deeply rooted, Love exhibits timeless and diverse appeal. Droves of fans throughout North America, Australia, and Europe apparently agree. Her CDs have repeatedly made Billboard’s annual Top 10 lists. She has played for massive crowds at various festivals and venues, including New York’s Carnegie Hall, San Francisco’s Great American Music Hall, Royce Hall in Los Angeles, Washington Center for the Arts in Olympia, and the Aladdin Theater in Portland, Oregon. Her festival appearances include the Newport Folk Festival (RI), Telluride Bluegrass Festival (CO), Strawberry Festival (CA), Merlefest (NC), Kate Wolf Festival (CA), Falcon Ridge (NY), Boston Folk Festival, Women in e-Motion (Germany), Philadelphia Folk Festival, Port Fairy, Brunswick, Blue Mountain and Adelaide Fringe Festivals (Australia), and nearly every music festival in Canada, including Montreal Jazz and the Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Mariposa and Winnipeg folk festivals. 

After releasing five independently produced CDs from 1990 - 1995, Laura spent a decade working with major and boutique record labels. Her Mercury/Universal releases, co-produced with multi-Grammy award winner Joe Chicarelli, were critically acclaimed and increased her sales from 2,000 a year to 75,000 a year, but alas, highly diverse and unique artists are not easily marketed above ground and Laura was lost in the corporate shuffle of the big leagues. She was perfectly happy to be dropped from Mercury after her second album with them and move on to smaller labels more suited to her values and aesthetic. Laura released four CDs from 2000 - 2005 on Rounder/Zoe and Koch. 

By  2007, Laura had grown increasingly concerned with the regression of race relations in the U.S. and decided it was time to return to her roots as a light-skinned African American girl, growing up during the 1960’s at the very height of the Civil Rights Movement. She assembled a quartet called, HARPER’S FERRY and resurrected her old label, Octoroon Biography to release NeGrass (pronounced “NEE-Grass), her bold collaboration with Grammy and IBMA award winners Tim O’Brien, Tracy Nelson, Rob Ickes, Scott Vestal, Jeff Autry and Mike Bub. NeGrass was named the Best CD of 2007 in the Alt Country category by the Indie Acoustic Project. 

In the fall of 2009, Laura released her 11th CD on Octoroon Biography/OJM records titled The Sweeter The Juice - a collaboration with an acknowledged master of country blues guitar and dobro, Orville Johnson. On this record, Laura cements her new focus on race relations in America and her own family’s experiences, dating all the way back to slavery. 

Spring of 2018 welcomed the release of “She Loved Red”, her homage to a dearly departed sister. 

September 3rd 2021 Marks the official release date of her latest record, “UPPITY”