1. Uppity

"Uppity" is an angry open letter to Q Anon, Proud Boys, the KKK, Patriot Prayer and similar hate groups that have sprung up like kudzu in this sacred land...with apologies to kudzu.


Chorus) I'm that girl- clutch your pearls/ I'm unfurled/ Do you feel me?/ I'm that girl (She's uppity)/ clutch your pearls (She's uppity-uppity/ I'm unfurled/ Do you feel me
Verse 1) You're a dick, you're a cancer - a disease/ A thick onomancer/ We're under siege/ May you never draw another breath/ Without feeling the heaviness of Colored death/ Look around, be jumpy/ Feel the heat of the smoldering crosses pressed to your own feet
Uppity, Uppity, Uppity/Uppity, Uppity, Uppity
Verse 2) You be trippin'/ You be illin'/ You're too far gone/ We be dyin'/ You be killin' singing a sirens' song/ Get it, you're over and the end is near/ Sweet as Russell Stover/ Honey/ Ginger beer/ Uppity, Uppity, Uppity/ Uppity/Uppity, Uppity, Uppity