1. Why Don't You

"Why Don't You" is a story song about occasionally witnessing acts of extraordinary kindness by white men, which prompts the writer to ask, "Why don't you do things like that more often?"


Verse 1) I was standing in line behind a guy in camo shirt and an orange vest/ In the grocery store, another man came up and said -Did you get the big one yet?/ He said - No, man, I was out in the woods and a giant buck walked right in front of me/ He didn't know I was there so I laid down my gun and I let him be
Chorus) I know it's in there somewhere/ I know you've got a heart/ I've stumbled on you doing things that just tore me apart/ I know it's in there somewhere/ I've seen what you can do/ I'm certain that you can be kind so, why don't you?
Verse 2) I saw a story on TV about man whose little boy, came home crying/ He said - Daddy, I brought my "MY LITTLE PONIES" to show and tell and they laughed at me/ They said my shirt looks like a dress and my hair's a mess/ And only girls like flowers/ He told his son - We'll go to school on Monday and get it all worked out"
Verse 3) That night the missus asked him how it all went and he said -Pretty good I think/ I know they'd never seen a guy 6 foot 3 with a wand wearing pink/ All the kids loved my tutu too and the glitter in my hair/ Even little Cody said I like your slippers man/ Do you have an extra pair?