1. 23 & Me

After having received her DNA results from a genealogy service "23 & Me" describes Laura's recurring vision of a newly arrived African slave ancestor being raped by a ship crew member shortly after her arrival to America.


V1) Outnumbered at nearly every turn/ She's chosen to neither hang nor burn/ She's chosen to close her eyes and think of England/ We saw her (23 and Me) and felt her woolen hair/ We heard her (23 and me) crying/ Tears fall into her ears
Chorus) The British are coming (In spite of her) The British are coming (Inside of Her) One if by land - two if by sea/ The British are coming
Verse 2) The sun never sets on her/ The moon pirouettes on her/ Her body is a drum to beat/ The shackles rattle at her feet/ Tears fall into her ears
Run --Run darling/ Can't you run? RUN
Verse 3) Your bible tells her from birth/ Her joy will not be on earth/ Damnation is the curse of Ham/ Enforcement is the curse of Sam/ Tears fall into her ears
Sometimes I'm mistaken for one of them/ They tell me they long to return again/ My heart shatters finding it's still too soon/ To suffer the dreams of this Octoroon