1. To Be Fine

"To Be Fine" surmises it will take a long time for people of color to be able to trust and forgive bigots and white supremacists, particularly in light of their brutal history.


Verse 1) You shattered the illusion of inclusion overnight- well alright/ You've got the complexion for protection -Yeah I'm touchy - pass the Dutchy/ Stars and bars adorn your cars - hey Bubba, do you miss the past/ There's a noose loose in your caboose how did it get there? You say I don't know
Chorus) It's going to take a long time for us to be fine/ It's going to take a mighty leap and the mountain is steep
Verse 2)What did you think was so great - The strange fruit or the hate/ Is it the Trail of Tears that's got you crying in your beers/ What are you so proud of boys - the strange fruit or the toys? / Stop making sense/ Yeah hang Mister Pence/
Verse 3)You say that's not who I am - you don't understand/ Well prove it/ And it don't look good/ You say you don't see race when you look at my face/ But that's a lie - a lie, a lie, a big white lie/ Oh it's going to take a long time