1. Bayou

This hopeful track surmises that despite all the ugliness and division we are now seeing, each one of us is capable of breaking the cycle of prejudice, ignorance, hatred and abuse.


Verse 1) It's been dark, It's been so cloudy/ Sunshine we hardly knew ye/ It's been sad, it's been so lonely, holding on so long
Chorus) Who will break the circle?/ It can be broken by me or by you/ Who will say, together we'll go?/ It can be spoken by me or by you
Verse 2) I am stirred and I am shaken/ My country 'tis of thee/ My poor heart is surely breakin/ Sweet land of liberty
Verse 3) America the beautiful, have you lost your shiny way?/Are you gone or you just drifting?/ Only you and I can say.