An African American woman's reaction to the January 6th 2021 attack on the U.S. Capitol by angry white men. This bluegrass inspired song features Orville Johnson's dobro and embodies the spirit of "UPPITY" which is a collection of songs responding to the ugly rise of white supremacy in America.


Verse 1)
I am reading the confessions of a man driven mad by the chains and the whip upon his back/ I look up at once to see the angry sons of those he claimed in their January march to the attack/ Let not anger overtake me as I watch their spirits soar on the heady incense of rage/Let not visions fill my head of dancing in the fields as their sins come a'callin' for their wage.
Chorus) Don't let me feel the heart of Nat Turner beating in my chest/beating in my chest
Don't let me feel his troubled voice calling me from rest/Me from rest/Calling me from rest
Verse 2) I am trying to be kind - to calm this beast/ I am hoping with reason to respond/If I allow myself to enjoy the feast/ I may never return from beyond/ As you wail about the insults to your rights/As you're crying stop the steal - don't tread on me/ I would like to submit for your consideration/ It was you who denied him liberty
You make me feel/ Don't make me feel/ You make me feel like a Nat Turner woman
Don't make me feel the heart of Nat Turner beating in my chest